Get More Student Enrollment Inquiries,
Or You Do Not Pay Us!

Guaranteed Enrollment Marketing Program

Your school will thrive with an increased enrollment that will better fund all school programs and services.


Liquid Learning helps schools achieve the goal by managing online enrollment that guarantees student inquiries each month or we do not get paid.


The enrollment services benefit Charter Schools, Private Schools, Higher Education, Online Schools and any educational entity that places a high value on a qualified student inquiry. Request Details and Availability for Your School

Designed to Meet Your Needs

A company that stands by its services does not need to force a long term commitment. Liquid Learning contracts guarantee results and can be cancelled at any time with a 30 day notice.


Schools also may pause campaigns for up to 3 months per year and incur no penalty for stopping and starting marketing services.


Our CEO sits on two school boards and designed the enrollment program around what is best for schools to grow and be successful. Request Details and Availability for Your School

Detailed Reports and Access to Leads

Your Student Inquiries are essential to the success of your school. All your leads are instantly emailed to your key staff and phone leads forwarded to your desired phone number.


Reporting 3 times per month is instantly available and shows clear return on investment and where advertising money is going.


Tracking of Web Leads and Phone Calls ensures that every student interested in your school gets taken care of and your school can maximize enrollment. Request Details and Availability for Your School

Manage and Optimize Ads So Students Find You

We manage and optimize your ads to target your ideal audiences and test clicks and conversion from a variety of ad templates we have developed.


We do regular A/B Split Testing and Ad Swapping to prevent ad blindness greatly increasing your prospective student lead generation.


We use the 80/20 Marketing Principles to generate more value from a smaller ad spend, giving you a better return on your ad investment. Request Details and Availability for Your School

Manage and Optimize Proven Landing Pages

Your landing pages start with proven designs and are further tested and improved regularly to get maximum lead conversion.


Leads are emailed to your team. Calls are forwarded to your number. Integration with your sales solution, such as, is possible.


Landing pages track conversion and effectiveness and can be adjusted in seconds to serve the better performing pages more frequently. Request Details and Availability for Your School

Flexible Pricing and Programs

No Long Term Commitment - Cancel any time with 30 day notice. This program is designed to be risk free and meet your needs to increase enrollment in your school.


Change between peak period spending, off-peak period spending (half spend) and pause your account for up to three months per year if you desire.


Special pricing for small markets and large markets to maximize your lead generation while optimizing your ad spend. This produces the best Return on Investment for you.

Request Details and Availability for Your School