8th Women in Leadership Summit

Define your leadership style and upskill for success

  • February 25th - March 1st, 2019
  • Stamford Auckland


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- Thrive as a confident leader
- Unlock your strengths and shine
- Redefine your future
- Leverage your career goals


Cecilia Burgess

Cecilia is the Managing Director Operations at PwC, she is responsible for the daily operations of the firm, providing business efficiency and alignment.

Cecilia was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Bell Gully, for seven and half years, where she was responsible for drafting and implementing their strategic plan, as well as the overall management of the firm's business support services. Her prior experience has been with professional services firms internationally in senior management roles, primarily focused on Business Development. Her experience spans working in Australia, Hong Kong and the UK with Minter Ellison and Linklaters.

Managing Director of Operations
PwC New Zealand

  • Kate Jorgensen
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Diana Minnée
    Head of Delivery
    Trade Me Limited
  • Claire Richardson
    Chief Operating Officer
    Ministry for the Environment
  • Chris Quin
    Chief Executive Officer
    Foodstuffs North Island


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Download the brochure
The Voice of Leadership
Having the confidence to step up
Tapping into natural strengths
The mindset of a trailblazer
Building leadership legitimacy
Taking the leap from expert to executive
Orchestrating the path towards positive change
Express your voice of leadership
Pioneering the path towards leadership
The importance of presence in effective leadership
Recognising greatness in others
Juggling roles and priorities
Conquering self doubt and perfectionism
Aligning values and strengths
Embracing courage and conviction as a leader
Female leaders taking the next step
Day One - Thursday 28th February 2019
Day Two - Friday 1st March 2019
Pre-Summit Workshop - 25 Feb


In an increasingly interconnected world, your leadership voice will help you stand out from the crowd. Finding and expressing your leadership voice is key to achieving success both personally and professionally.

This workshop will offer evidence-based, practical exercises to develop your executive presence, influence and creative confidence. Sally will focus on developing your voice, vision, vitality, values, visibility and veneration. Be prepared to achieve maximum impact and make your greatest contribution as an aspiring professional.

Articulate your vision

  • Untap your personal brand 
  • Express your creative potential
  • Craft your voice and leadership vision

Reflect on values and importance 

  • Strengthen your executive voice
  • The importance of leadership presence 
  • Bolster your integrity, persistence and character strength

Crafting a persuasive presentation

  • Attract leadership visibility 
  • Tools to highlight your best prospects 
  • Leadership tools for success

Leadership communication 

  • Learn to collaborate and resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Engage others with an authentic ‘voice of authority’
  • Inspire others to align with your vision

  • Sally Mabelle The Voice of Leadership Specialist Sally Mabelle Ltd

Conference Day 1 - 26 Feb

Case Study

To succeed as a leader, you must embrace your unique skill set with confidence. The next step involves building your leadership identity through your beliefs and values. Fiona will discus her passion for empowering others to step up.

-Set the scene for emerging leaders

- Embrace new perspectives

- Tap into your natural strengths

  • Fiona Murphy General Manager, Digital The Co-operative Bank

Case Study

Stepping into leadership requires you to realise your talents and the positive outcomes this creates. Ana will share her insights and offer advice for untapping your potential as an authentic leader.

- Understand your standout qualities

- Leverage your talents to step into leadership

- Compliment the mindset of your team

  • Ana Sever Chief Business Officer 2 degrees

Case Study

Forging your own path can be a daunting and challenging journey. Aligning vision with passion creates the driving force that will accelerate your leadership success.

-Forge your own career path

-Innovate a clear vision

-Drive your career beyond expectations

  • Louisa Homersham Deputy Chief Operating Officer Otago Polytechnic

Case Study

Developing your role as a leader and standing out may be the toughest career challenge you may face. In this session, Chris will offer advice for claiming authority and establishing leadership legitimacy.

- Establish purpose in the transition

- Outline your personal brand

- Embrace the fundamental shift

  • Chris Quin Chief Executive Officer Foodstuffs North Island


Becoming a leader means leaving behind old tasks and embracing new opportunities. This shift requires confidence, integrity and a clear vision. Hear from our panel of leaders on important career lessons they have learned and strategies for career progression.

- Beyond your comfort zone

- Project the confidence and composure of an executive

- Develop yourself to lead a high performing team

  • Cecilia Burgess Managing Director of Operations PwC New Zealand

  • Jodie Burnard General Manager, Marketing/PACES Flight Centre NZ

  • Tanya Hadfield Head of People and Culture Fidelity Life Assurance

  • Lisa Jacobs Chief Executive Officer Anthony Harper

  • Teresa Gill General Manager, Retail NZ Bendon

  • Jackie Waddams Head Of Legal AIA New Zealand

Case Study

Leading through change is never an easy task, but is an imperative part of any successful business. In this session, Kate will share her knowledge and insight for carving positive organisational change.


- Map the future for success

- Build trust through honesty

- Drive engagement to drive change 

  • Kate Jorgensen Chief Financial Officer KiwiRail

Expert Commentary

To step up to the role of an executive, you must develop key communication skills and utilise creative confidence. Learn how to speak like a leader and voice your personal style in this interactive session with Sally.

- Elevate your personal brand

- Engage and inspire others

- Stand out from the crowd

  • Sally Mabelle The Voice of Leadership Specialist Sally Mabelle Ltd

Case Study

To navigate the path towards successful leadership, you must embrace determination and drive to reach your goals. Hear from an accomplished leader and her quest on how she achieved this.

  • blend work & passion
  • reach for new heights
  • achieve greatness

  • Claire Richardson Chief Operating Officer Ministry for the Environment

Conference Day 2 - 27 Feb

Case Study

Aligning personality with your leadership style is essential for authentic delivery. In this session, you'll learn how to build on strengths through feedback and develop your leadership brand.

- Align self-awareness with focus

- Reflect on your true qualities and potential

- Become open minded to new opportunities

  • Lesley Hoskin Deputy Chief Executive Education Council

Case Study

An important part of progressing into leadership is recognising the strengths of others and empowering your team to perform. Diana will discuss her career journey and offer strategies for recognising true talent.

- Finding and encouraging leadership at every level

- Empowering leaders and opening doors of opportunity

- Servant Leadership: success through the success of others

  • Diana Minnée Head of Delivery Trade Me Limited


Getting the right balance between personal and professional priorities is a challenge commonly experienced. This interactive panel session will explore strategies on how to gain the perfect work-life harmony.

-Outline personal expectations 

-Strategies and advice on setting the balance

-Improve productivity through flexibility 

  • Rebecca Lee General Manager, Audit Bank of New Zealand

  • Debbie Lowe Head of Marketing Crombie Lockwood

  • Teresa Gill General Manager, Retail NZ Bendon

  • Helen Rogers General Manager, Policy & Funding KiwiRail

  • Erin Wansbrough Chief Executive Soda Inc

Expert Commentary

Battling with inner confidence and conflicting mindsets is inevitable when progressing into senior roles. Having the confidence to believe in your abilities is the first step towards realising your value. Hear from Kirsten, a business psychologist, who will provide winning strategies for personal growth and leadership success.

- Develop a growth mindset

- Practice self-acceptance

- Empower yourself and others to succeed

  • Kirsten Keown Business Psychologist & Leadership Coach Mindset


Discovering your identity as a leader and striving forward through your natural strengths will ensure a successful leadership transition. Hear from our esteemed panellists who will discuss how they established themselves as leaders.

-Find your leadership voice

-Define your purpose and values

-Perform consistently to gain trust

  • Sharron Botica Chief Customer Officer Sovereign Insurance

  • Debbie Lowe Head of Marketing Crombie Lockwood

  • Zoe Wallis Head of Transactions and Payments Kiwi bank

  • Emma Trembath Associate Director, Technical Practice Leader Geoscience Remediation Services AECOM New Zealand

  • Melissa Hodd General Manager Government Relations Foodstuffs NZ

  • Jenny Squire General Manager, Customer Operations Genesis Energy

  • Karma Wetere Brand Country Manager Cotton On NZ

Case Study

Progressing towards leadership requires a shift in mindset, & towards building honesty & integrity. This step is made easier when you believe in your own capabilities. Phillipa will share her insights and explore her own journey

  • Becoming an authentic leader
  • Value your natural talents
  • confidence to extend your abilities

  • Philippa Jones Chief Operating Officer Lincoln University New Zealand


Grasping new strategies for success will drive your career in the right direction. In this final interactive session, you'll reflect on the lessons learned throughout the summit and discuss the next steps for career progression.

- Lessons learned from leaders

- Navigate the next move

- Action plan for greatness

  • Sarah Pearce Director and Founder Sarah Pearce Strategy

Post-Summit Workshop - 28 Feb


Developing Authentic Leadership

·        Developing self-awareness and authenticity

·        Identifying and evaluating your key strengths as a leader

·        Trusting your instincts and accessing and reacting to your intuition

Refining your leadership skills

·        Identify and build your unique strengths

·        Influencing with integrity

·        Cultivate a high performing mind-set

·        Leading with purpose

Building Confidence and Resilience

·        Strategies to build and radiate confidence

·        Developing resilience to adversity

·        Developing your cohort of support to be yourself - yes there are others like you

Internalise your leadership identity

·        Self-empowerment to underpin career progression and risk-taking

·        Developing authentic leadership voice

·        Connecting leadership and wellbeing

  • Leslie Hamilton Principal FutureScape


High Level Communication Skills

·        Knowing and leveraging from your communication style

·        Developing and communicating confidence, poise and assertiveness

·        Managing conflict and executing difficult conversations with confidence


Build a high performance team:

·        Develop and manage a high performance team

·        Techniques, tools and channels to improve your teams drive and motivation

·        Create a positive culture of engagement and success


Driving your team forward

·        Gain greater influence as a team leader and manage challenges effectively

·        Exert greater influence

·        Responding effectively to a demanding environment

Strategic Career Progression

·        Skills for self-promotion and accelerated career progression

·        Understanding and overcoming workplace bias and negative cultures

·        Achieving improved leadership performance - Your personal action plan

  • Leslie Hamilton Principal FutureScape


Stamford Auckland

22-26 Albert St, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand

+64 9 309 8888

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